Winter Lewk

It’s winter but down here in Georgia it does not feel like it! We’ve had a pretty warm winter so far – one of the warmest I’ve experienced since living here (over 20 years). I was praying for a snowy Christmas but instead we received rain and 70 degree temps 😩!

With the weather feeling like Winter in the morning, Spring in early afternoon and Summer in the evening – it can be hard figuring out what to wear. In my experience I found that layering up is your best bet.

I love this look because it’s pretty versatile – Yes, they are faux leather pants but they’re light weight and ankle length. The sweater is breathable with a polo collar – can be unbuttoned if you get too hot and vice versa.

Of course you can never go wrong with a nice winter pea coat – it’s the glue to the outfit. Brings it all together and adds a certain level of chic. Seriously, you could wear a sweatsuit under one of these and look completely pulled together. IYKYK

Also, I LOVE a good loafer/driver shoe for the in between weather! Shoot, for anytime honestly. Another item that brings instant chic to an outfit. Recently, I came across the Rothy’s brand – I love that their shoes are washable, durable and sustainable (made of single use plastic bottles). The craftsmanship is awesome and comfort amazing.

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My hair is a Kinky Straight U-Part Wig by Luvme Hair. I did a review on a bob wig I purchased from them a while back. I loved the hair so much that I purchased this one and plan on buying many more. They are affordable, great quality and are easy to maintain.

I have a special link that will give you 25% off of your order. 👉🏽Discount Link

Let me know if you guys purchase a wig from this company – tell me what you think. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Make Your Bed – Trust Me

Hey guys! I want to share a little tip that contributes to me maintaining my sanity while being a SAHM/working from home. I’ve always loved when my bed was made but I recently discovered how much it adds to my emotional well being. With 2 small kids in the home – it’s a task keeping up with all the mini messes they create throughout the home so our bedroom is an oasis for me during the day. Everything else could look like its going to hell but if our bedroom is clean/in-order I feel calm and relaxed. I’m so adamant about keeping the room clean, from time to time, I lock our bedroom door to keep the kids out of it 😩 (use a coin to let myself and husband in).

A made bed works wonders on the feel of a room – If I don’t immediately make the bed once I wake up, I make it sometime during the morning. Let me know how you feel about the topic!

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Best Jeans for Curvy Girls

*To watch video click the picture above.

Hey ya’ll! I have an obsession with denim/jeans – no seriously – I have at least 25 pair. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites.

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Wide Leg

AFRM Wide Leg Jean

Hi Rise Skinny

White Skinny

Cropped Flare

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#YoungInLove (Date Night) | Colony Square Edition

This past weekend Darwyn and I went on a date to the newly opened Colony Square/IPIC Theater in Midtown Atlanta. I love love love going to the movies – I missed going to the movies badly due to the pandemic. Now that theaters are open again and we’ve been fully vaccinated we decided to check out Snake Eyes at the beautiful IPIC Theater.

The movie was great – loved the action scenes and storyline. I’m a pretty harsh movie critic so to get my seal of approval means a lot. Just so you guys know – I think I’m a ninja (that may have played a part in my rating). I’ve never had training but I just feel like it’s in my blood somehow (Don’t laugh!) So throughout the movie I practiced my moves on Darwyn – poking him in the arms and ribs with my straw.

Riding the escalator in IPIC Theater

Anywho, the IPIC Theater is beautiful! Very upscale and modern. All the things you would imagine an upscale movie theater to be. Right outside your specific theater there are plush throw blankets for you to use while watching the movie. The seats are very comfortable – each section has 2 recliners (with seat warmer) with a table in the middle. If you’re familiar with AMCs recliners, I’d say they give you a little bit more space in the seat. You can order a full meal to eat while you watch your movie (this part of the service was lacking) – the food is delicious.

After the movies we went out to the square and ventured inside Politan Row to grab a couple of drinks. In the actual square there’s ample seating and a huge flat screen (this day they showed the Summer Olympic events). We pulled up a couple of chairs and relaxed for a bit – got a little vitamin D + did some people watching.

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After this we went over to Pasha Restaurant and Bar to grab a late night meal, a few more drinks and a bit of hookah. For this leg of the date I put on my heels (didn’t get a pic with my heels on). Anywho, we really enjoyed ourselves here – it’s a nice little vibe. The only thing I would tweek is the level of the music – it is very loud – unless you’re sitting thigh to thigh with the person/people you came with it will be very difficult to have a conversation.

End of the night at Pasha.

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10 Minute Natural Makeup Routine

I’m going to share with you how I do my makeup 90% of the time. I’m no professional but this way has worked for me for a few years. Every item shared with you, I genuinely use and love!

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Tubing Down the Chattahoochee

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I’ve been tubing down the Chattahoochee (the hooch) 3 times now and each time it’s a different adventure.

Some may not be completely familiar with tubing so I’m gonna provide a little bit of insight before we jump into my experience, what to wear and needed items. If you’re familiar skip on down to the next paragraph. So, with tubing you’re usually floating down a body of water – most likely a river for 2-3 (sometimes 4) hours. You’re literally riding the current and letting it take you where it takes you.

This time around I used a company called Shoot the Hooch – from them, I rented a XL tube w bottom, strap and a life vest. The XL tube features a back rest, closed bottom and cup holder. I’ve been tubing without the backrest and cup holder and it wasn’t as enjoyable. I liked being able to rest my neck and not worry about where I was going to sit my cup. I used the strap to attach my tube to the rest of the group – there were about 14 people on the trip with me. Members in the group purchased paddles so we could steer ourselves down the river (in my opinion this is necessary) – at certain points there are rocks/trees you will need to steer around.

Needed Items

Items to make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Sunscreen
  • Drinks (Canned or Plastic – NO GLASS)

*You could use a cuzie or a yeti like tumbler to keep drinks cool while drinking.

  • Lunch or Snack
  • Waterproof Pouch or Ziplock Bag

*To keep your phone, keys and anything else you don’t want wet, dry.

  • Cooler (floating cooler, a small cooler bag or regular cooler)

*If using a regular cooler you are able to rent a tube especially for this. The cooler will sit on top of the tube then you would connect both tubes with a strap.

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What to Wear

  • Swimsuit
  • Biker/Jean Shorts
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals with straps (to secure the shoe to your foot)
  • A small bag (Bookbag, Waist Bag (fanny pack)

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You Need This Low Maintenance Wig

Y’all! If you can’t tell by the looks of this video review – I’m so excited about this wig 😂. The wig I ordered is called | SILK BASE TOP BOB WIG WITH BANGS. I ordered the wig on a Friday and received it on Monday – the shipping is really quick and efficient. Get one – you won’t regret it! 


If you want to purchase this wig or any other wig on the site use this link | GET 25% OFF OF YOUR PURCHASE.



About Wig


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Back to School Must Haves

Hey Y’all! School is starting back for us August 9th so it’s about that time to prepare. I don’t know how it felt for y’all but it seems like this summer zoomed by!

This will be the first time both kids will be attending school – Dallas in a full-time Pre-K at our local elementary school and Drew in a part-time early learning program. So, they need everything! I’m excited for them to meet new friends yet nervous about how they will adapt.


 I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite items to get them prepared to go back to school. Check them out! 

Bento Lunch Box

I was heavily influenced by Shakira @occasions.byshakira to purchase these super cute/functional bento boxes. They are leakproof, great quality and the kids love them.

This page contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you purchase these products at no additional charge to you. Thank you for your support.

Insulated Lunch Bag

This bag is insulated and features an internal mesh pocket to hold utensils.

Freezable Lunch Bag

This Columbia lunch bag is awesome because it is freezable. You can remove the 4 walled ice packs and freeze them separately or you can freeze the entire bag. The size can also be extended with just one zip. We love ours!

Insulated Water Bottle

Dallas has been using this water bottle for 3 years. It’s been through the war and still looks great. When the straw is closed the bottle is leakproof.

Mini Bookbag

This Bookbag is the perfect size for toddlers/babies. Drew is 2 years old and it fits on her back perfectly. Big enough to carry extra clothes and a few toys.

Full Size Bookbag

A few months back I picked this bag up for Dallas since its time for him to graduate to a full sized Bookbag.

School Labels Value Kit

I love these labels! They’ve been washed so many times and are still holding on. They look brand new!

The Designer School Labels Value Kit contains 200 Name Labels including:

8 x Large Name Labels
16 x Medium Name Labels
8 x Round Shoe Labels
24 x Small Name Labels
18 x Small Square Stick On Labels
8 x Subject Labels
40 x Tiny Pencil Labels
54 x Mini Name Labels
24 x Wrap & Stick Clothing Labels

100% Waterproof
Dishwasher Safe

Washing Machine & Clothes Dryer Safe*

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Gotta Love A Good Graphic T-Shirt

The good ol’ graphic t-shirt – it’s made a come back. Do you guys remember when we would go to (in the early 2000s) Rue 21 and Aeropostale to buy the graphic t-shirts with the random sayings/graphics? We would, then, match it perfectly with a belt, earrings, heels/shoes and a ton of bracelets lol! Accessorizing was not a game back then lol. Sigh – Good times!

I just knew I was cute! 😂

Well, over the past year or so the graphic t-shirt has been gaining steam – especially band t-shirts. The other day I ventured into Forever 21, I hadn’t shopped there in forever to be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to find. What lured me in was the huge ‘BOGO Free on All Sale Items’ sign out front.

Literally, there were racks after racks of sale stuff – sweaters, dresses, pants, tops, shoes, accessories – you name it. After spending way too much time looking at every single item. I left with a couple of shirts (the one I’m wearing), a few pair of earrings and socks – all for under $20.

Forever21 – online, is currently having a great sale

✨15% off of any purchase

✨20% off of $65

✨30% off of $85

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Shirt + Hat| Forever21 Jeans| Target Sandals| Madewell Necklace| Amazon
Shirt + Hat| Forever21 Jeans| Target Sandals| Madewell Necklace | Amazon

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

Y’all! It’s that’s time off year again – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us! I’ve rounded up the best of the best items under $150 (for the most part).

The Aarke Water Carbonator and the Nordstrom Bliss Blush Throw are staples at my house. I plan on getting another color in the throw because we always fight over who gets to keep it in their room. It’s honestly the softest blanket we have! The carbonator is usually $249 so to get it at $198 is a steal!