Winter Lewk

It’s winter but down here in Georgia it does not feel like it! We’ve had a pretty warm winter so far – one of the warmest I’ve experienced since living here (over 20 years). I was praying for a snowy Christmas but instead we received rain and 70 degree temps 😩!

Best Jeans for Curvy Girls

*To watch video click the picture above. Hey ya’ll! I have an obsession with denim/jeans – no seriously – I have at least 25 pair. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites. *This page contains affiliate links. This means I will receive a small commission if you purchase an item via these links.Continue reading “Best Jeans for Curvy Girls”

#YoungInLove (Date Night) | Colony Square Edition

This past weekend Darwyn and I went on a date to the newly opened Colony Square/IPIC Theater in Midtown Atlanta. I love love love going to the movies – I missed going to the movies badly due to the pandemic. Now that theaters are open again and we’ve been fully vaccinated we decided to checkContinue reading “#YoungInLove (Date Night) | Colony Square Edition”

10 Minute Natural Makeup Routine

I’m going to share with you how I do my makeup 90% of the time. I’m no professional but this way has worked for me for a few years. Every item shared with you, I genuinely use and love! Shop the Post | Makeup This page contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commissionContinue reading “10 Minute Natural Makeup Routine”

Tubing Down the Chattahoochee

This page contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you purchase items. Thank you for your support. I’ve been tubing down the Chattahoochee (the hooch) 3 times now and each time it’s a different adventure. Some may not be completely familiar with tubing so I’m gonna provide a little bit of insightContinue reading “Tubing Down the Chattahoochee”

Gotta Love A Good Graphic T-Shirt

The good ol’ graphic t-shirt – it’s made a come back. Do you guys remember when we would go to (in the early 2000s) Rue 21 and Aeropostale to buy the graphic t-shirts with the random sayings/graphics? We would, then, match it perfectly with a belt, earrings, heels/shoes and a ton of bracelets lol! AccessorizingContinue reading “Gotta Love A Good Graphic T-Shirt”

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

Y’all! It’s that’s time off year again – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us! I’ve rounded up the best of the best items under $150 (for the most part). The Aarke Water Carbonator and the Nordstrom Bliss Blush Throw are staples at my house. I plan on getting another color in the throw becauseContinue reading “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds”

Let’s Pack for the Pool/Beach

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to share a recent discovery with you guys! So, a few weeks ago I was scrolling on IG and came across these super cute and functional tote bags. I’d passively been looking for a good beach/pool bag big enough to lug all of our family gear. We’d been using eitherContinue reading “Let’s Pack for the Pool/Beach”

#YoungInLove | Brewery Edition

This past weekend Darwyn and I were able to have a nice little day-date so we decided to go to a local black-owned brewery Hippin Hops Brewery + Oyster Bar. The vibes, beers and oysters were all great – I would definitely recommend. I knew I wanted to be cute yet comfy so I wentContinue reading “#YoungInLove | Brewery Edition”

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Finds

Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores to shop! They always carry some of the best brands and latest styles. Whenever they have a huge sale I jump on it! As of now, they are having the Half Yearly Sale (not the same as the anniversary sale). This sale features more Spring/Summer ready styles forContinue reading “Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Finds”