Back to School Must Haves

Previous Next Hey Y’all! School is starting back for us August 9th so it’s about that time to prepare. I don’t know how it felt for y’all but it seems like this summer zoomed by! This will be the first time both kids will be attending school – Dallas in a full-time Pre-K at ourContinue reading “Back to School Must Haves”

Dagne Dover | Landon Duffle

Hey y’all! This post is all about my love for the Dagne Dover | Landon Bag (small). As I explain in the video above – I use this bag more than any other bag I own. The neoprene material and functional pockets are a perfect fit for our family. I say family because let’s faceContinue reading “Dagne Dover | Landon Duffle”

Starting Again…

About 7 years ago I started my first blog, Domi Daily but for some reason I stopped posting to it. It may have been bad timing, lack of confidence in myself, laziness – who knows. Well, here I am again, attempting to take another stab at this blogging thing. I appreciate y’all coming along withContinue reading “Starting Again…”