Best Jeans for Curvy Girls

*To watch video click the picture above. Hey ya’ll! I have an obsession with denim/jeans – no seriously – I have at least 25 pair. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites. *This page contains affiliate links. This means I will receive a small commission if you purchase an item via these links.Continue reading “Best Jeans for Curvy Girls”

10 Minute Natural Makeup Routine

I’m going to share with you how I do my makeup 90% of the time. I’m no professional but this way has worked for me for a few years. Every item shared with you, I genuinely use and love! Shop the Post | Makeup This page contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commissionContinue reading “10 Minute Natural Makeup Routine”

Tubing Down the Chattahoochee

This page contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you purchase items. Thank you for your support. I’ve been tubing down the Chattahoochee (the hooch) 3 times now and each time it’s a different adventure. Some may not be completely familiar with tubing so I’m gonna provide a little bit of insightContinue reading “Tubing Down the Chattahoochee”

Gotta Love A Good Graphic T-Shirt

The good ol’ graphic t-shirt – it’s made a come back. Do you guys remember when we would go to (in the early 2000s) Rue 21 and Aeropostale to buy the graphic t-shirts with the random sayings/graphics? We would, then, match it perfectly with a belt, earrings, heels/shoes and a ton of bracelets lol! AccessorizingContinue reading “Gotta Love A Good Graphic T-Shirt”

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

Y’all! It’s that’s time off year again – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is upon us! I’ve rounded up the best of the best items under $150 (for the most part). The Aarke Water Carbonator and the Nordstrom Bliss Blush Throw are staples at my house. I plan on getting another color in the throw becauseContinue reading “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds”

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Finds

Nordstrom is one of my favorite stores to shop! They always carry some of the best brands and latest styles. Whenever they have a huge sale I jump on it! As of now, they are having the Half Yearly Sale (not the same as the anniversary sale). This sale features more Spring/Summer ready styles forContinue reading “Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Finds”

Target Haul | Mini Try On

Click picture above for video. If you remember, I forgot my entire suitcase when we went down to Florida for vacation in April. We stayed for a week so I needed to grab a weeks worth of clothing (swimsuits, shirts, bottoms, shoes, jackets, etc.). To remedy the issue, I quickly jumped on the Target appContinue reading “Target Haul | Mini Try On”