Make Your Bed – Trust Me

Hey guys! I want to share a little tip that contributes to me maintaining my sanity while being a SAHM/working from home. I’ve always loved when my bed was made but I recently discovered how much it adds to my emotional well being. With 2 small kids in the home – it’s a task keeping up with all the mini messes they create throughout the home so our bedroom is an oasis for me during the day. Everything else could look like its going to hell but if our bedroom is clean/in-order I feel calm and relaxed. I’m so adamant about keeping the room clean, from time to time, I lock our bedroom door to keep the kids out of it 😩 (use a coin to let myself and husband in).

A made bed works wonders on the feel of a room – If I don’t immediately make the bed once I wake up, I make it sometime during the morning. Let me know how you feel about the topic!

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