10 Minute Natural Makeup Routine

I’m going to share with you how I do my makeup 90% of the time. I’m no professional but this way has worked for me for a few years. Every item shared with you, I genuinely use and love! Shop the Post | Makeup This page contains affiliate links. I will earn a small commissionContinue reading “10 Minute Natural Makeup Routine”

You Need This Low Maintenance Wig

Y’all! If you can’t tell by the looks of this video review – I’m so excited about this wig 😂. The wig I ordered is called | SILK BASE TOP BOB WIG WITH BANGS. I ordered the wig on a Friday and received it on Monday – the shipping is really quick and efficient. Get oneContinue reading “You Need This Low Maintenance Wig”

Gotta Love A Good Graphic T-Shirt

The good ol’ graphic t-shirt – it’s made a come back. Do you guys remember when we would go to (in the early 2000s) Rue 21 and Aeropostale to buy the graphic t-shirts with the random sayings/graphics? We would, then, match it perfectly with a belt, earrings, heels/shoes and a ton of bracelets lol! AccessorizingContinue reading “Gotta Love A Good Graphic T-Shirt”

#YoungInLove | Brewery Edition

This past weekend Darwyn and I were able to have a nice little day-date so we decided to go to a local black-owned brewery Hippin Hops Brewery + Oyster Bar. The vibes, beers and oysters were all great – I would definitely recommend. I knew I wanted to be cute yet comfy so I wentContinue reading “#YoungInLove | Brewery Edition”

My New Skincare Routine | Biossance

After being heavily influenced by Reece Witherspoon on Instagram I had to grab a couple of bottles of Biossance to see what the hype was about. I ordered the full sized bottles of Squalane +BHA Pore-Minimizing Toner and Squalane + Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum. The other products came as a mini set in additionContinue reading “My New Skincare Routine | Biossance”

Wash Day with Pattern Beauty + Wet Brush

click the picture above to see more media. It’s wash day! To be honest Drew loves to get her hair washed, styling, now that’s another thing 😒. The combination of Pattern Beauty and The Wet Brush make this task much easier!! Before there were tons of tears (she’s tender headed) but now only a coupleContinue reading “Wash Day with Pattern Beauty + Wet Brush”

Starting Again…

About 7 years ago I started my first blog, Domi Daily but for some reason I stopped posting to it. It may have been bad timing, lack of confidence in myself, laziness – who knows. Well, here I am again, attempting to take another stab at this blogging thing. I appreciate y’all coming along withContinue reading “Starting Again…”