Tubing Down the Chattahoochee

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I’ve been tubing down the Chattahoochee (the hooch) 3 times now and each time it’s a different adventure.

Some may not be completely familiar with tubing so I’m gonna provide a little bit of insight before we jump into my experience, what to wear and needed items. If you’re familiar skip on down to the next paragraph. So, with tubing you’re usually floating down a body of water – most likely a river for 2-3 (sometimes 4) hours. You’re literally riding the current and letting it take you where it takes you.

This time around I used a company called Shoot the Hooch – from them, I rented a XL tube w bottom, strap and a life vest. The XL tube features a back rest, closed bottom and cup holder. I’ve been tubing without the backrest and cup holder and it wasn’t as enjoyable. I liked being able to rest my neck and not worry about where I was going to sit my cup. I used the strap to attach my tube to the rest of the group – there were about 14 people on the trip with me. Members in the group purchased paddles so we could steer ourselves down the river (in my opinion this is necessary) – at certain points there are rocks/trees you will need to steer around.

Needed Items

Items to make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Sunscreen
  • Drinks (Canned or Plastic – NO GLASS)

*You could use a cuzie or a yeti like tumbler to keep drinks cool while drinking.

  • Lunch or Snack
  • Waterproof Pouch or Ziplock Bag

*To keep your phone, keys and anything else you don’t want wet, dry.

  • Cooler (floating cooler, a small cooler bag or regular cooler)

*If using a regular cooler you are able to rent a tube especially for this. The cooler will sit on top of the tube then you would connect both tubes with a strap.

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What to Wear

  • Swimsuit
  • Biker/Jean Shorts
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals with straps (to secure the shoe to your foot)
  • A small bag (Bookbag, Waist Bag (fanny pack)

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