Gotta Love A Good Graphic T-Shirt

The good ol’ graphic t-shirt – it’s made a come back. Do you guys remember when we would go to (in the early 2000s) Rue 21 and Aeropostale to buy the graphic t-shirts with the random sayings/graphics? We would, then, match it perfectly with a belt, earrings, heels/shoes and a ton of bracelets lol! Accessorizing was not a game back then lol. Sigh – Good times!

I just knew I was cute! 😂

Well, over the past year or so the graphic t-shirt has been gaining steam – especially band t-shirts. The other day I ventured into Forever 21, I hadn’t shopped there in forever to be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to find. What lured me in was the huge ‘BOGO Free on All Sale Items’ sign out front.

Literally, there were racks after racks of sale stuff – sweaters, dresses, pants, tops, shoes, accessories – you name it. After spending way too much time looking at every single item. I left with a couple of shirts (the one I’m wearing), a few pair of earrings and socks – all for under $20.

Forever21 – online, is currently having a great sale

✨15% off of any purchase

✨20% off of $65

✨30% off of $85

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Shirt + Hat| Forever21 Jeans| Target Sandals| Madewell Necklace| Amazon
Shirt + Hat| Forever21 Jeans| Target Sandals| Madewell Necklace | Amazon

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