#YoungInLove (Date Night) | Colony Square Edition

This past weekend Darwyn and I went on a date to the newly opened Colony Square/IPIC Theater in Midtown Atlanta. I love love love going to the movies – I missed going to the movies badly due to the pandemic. Now that theaters are open again and we’ve been fully vaccinated we decided to check out Snake Eyes at the beautiful IPIC Theater.

The movie was great – loved the action scenes and storyline. I’m a pretty harsh movie critic so to get my seal of approval means a lot. Just so you guys know – I think I’m a ninja (that may have played a part in my rating). I’ve never had training but I just feel like it’s in my blood somehow (Don’t laugh!) So throughout the movie I practiced my moves on Darwyn – poking him in the arms and ribs with my straw.

Riding the escalator in IPIC Theater

Anywho, the IPIC Theater is beautiful! Very upscale and modern. All the things you would imagine an upscale movie theater to be. Right outside your specific theater there are plush throw blankets for you to use while watching the movie. The seats are very comfortable – each section has 2 recliners (with seat warmer) with a table in the middle. If you’re familiar with AMCs recliners, I’d say they give you a little bit more space in the seat. You can order a full meal to eat while you watch your movie (this part of the service was lacking) – the food is delicious.

After the movies we went out to the square and ventured inside Politan Row to grab a couple of drinks. In the actual square there’s ample seating and a huge flat screen (this day they showed the Summer Olympic events). We pulled up a couple of chairs and relaxed for a bit – got a little vitamin D + did some people watching.

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After this we went over to Pasha Restaurant and Bar to grab a late night meal, a few more drinks and a bit of hookah. For this leg of the date I put on my heels (didn’t get a pic with my heels on). Anywho, we really enjoyed ourselves here – it’s a nice little vibe. The only thing I would tweek is the level of the music – it is very loud – unless you’re sitting thigh to thigh with the person/people you came with it will be very difficult to have a conversation.

End of the night at Pasha.

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