Let’s Pack for the Pool/Beach

Hey y’all! I’m so excited to share a recent discovery with you guys! So, a few weeks ago I was scrolling on IG and came across these super cute and functional tote bags. I’d passively been looking for a good beach/pool bag big enough to lug all of our family gear. We’d been using either a nylon book-bag or a reusable shopping bag – they just weren’t big nor cute enough!

Now, back to the awesome Bogg Bag. Once I watched a few reviews on YouTube, I was sold! The hard part was trying to find a bag that was in stock – I couldn’t find it on the official site nor the Dillards site 😩. Luckily on the Bogg Bag’s IG account they made a post asking for customers to share where they found their bags (they have thousands of vendors). So, long story short – I found the bag on Uline.com entitled the Ultimate Tote bag and received the bag 2 days later!

I grabbed the Large size in Coral but they come in 2 sizes and offer at least 20 different colors. Check out the video below showing you how I pack the bag for a family of 6.

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Thanks for hanging with me!

Xoxo – Dominique

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