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After being in our home for over 4 years we’ve finally decided to organize/clean out our 2 car garage. We pretty much housed any and everything in our garage along side of 2 large SUVs so needless say we were cramped for space. We use the garage as our main entry point into the house so whenever we brought in groceries, got the kids out the car, etc. we had to squeeze past/step over a bunch of stuff just to get inside – it was a bit much. One day, I randomly jumped up and said – We’re getting this garage in order and that’s that!

Right Side | Entry

This area was a major pain point because it is the pathway to the entrance of the house. No matter which side of the garage we parked on, we had to walk past this area. There’s bird feed, scooters, bikes, paint, Christmas décor, a step ladder and so much more in the before photo. To be honest most of this stuff just needed a new home or to be tossed out so that’s exactly what I did.

Below, is the corner right next to the door – here I had most of my shipping supplies stored for my resell business (Domi’s Closet) and a few other knickknacks. I cleared everything out then hung a muli-purpose hook where our our small/travel stroller (we love our Colugo stroller!) and step ladder would be housed.

Right Corner

This area is at the right corner, closer to the garage door. Here I placed two stackable storage bins to house my shipping supplies, our empty gas can, bug spray and a few other things.

Left Side of Garage

This side is pretty crazy too! It housed most of our yard tools and equipment. For this area I just needed to get everything off of the ground and up onto to hooks.


We used an adjustable storage rail to hang the large tools and some of our beach gear. Also, I used a Flip-Up Padded Utility Hook to hold 2 scooters and a helmet. Sn: our lawn mower is great for a home with little to no storage room – the fact that it’s foldable and has a rechargeable battery is a game changer!

The small tools and battery charging station.

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The cost of this project was around $75 and took me about 3 hours to complete. I consider this a small price to pay for peace! Y’all, It really feels good to be able to walk comfortably in the garage. I guess I didn’t realize how much this area bothered me until we organized it.

Now, I can breathe *exhale*

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